"2 clicks" upload

Often most useful utilites are released due to laziness. One who has to do 20 same clicks few times a day, wants to shorten it into 1. Or 2. Maybe 3. Sounds familiar ?

Well it does to me. Whenever I want to upload a file to share it with someone on irc/skype/wherever I have to log in onto ftp, type password (because storing them is never safe) , click few times to get to the proper folder, find file on localhost, few clicks again, and ok, we've got it ! Oh wait, now I have to type down the whole url manually to someone .. eh.

I could use other software - dropbox for example, but it wasn't an option. I wanted the application to do everything I want it to do, nothing more, nothing less. Besides, I get to code something in C# I will actually use.

The idea is simple, so is the application.


  • Install.exe copies File_upload.exe and its config file to (default c:\program files (x86)\MW) folder and creates registry entries for folder and file right click.
  • File_upload takes file path as argument (either right click or via command line), zips the file/directory and uploads it to config specified url.
  • PHP at server side accepts the file, verifies the password, moves it if it's correct, and replies with path to the file.

If you would like to try it, upload works for this site, of course, feel free to test it . Caution, it doesn't include uninstaller, so if you do it, you have to remove registry keys manually.

Note. : It requires .NET 4.5 at least (install.exe will automatically detect your version and lead you from there on).

Download here

Version : 1.2

  • multi user compatibility (it works now, just needs some verifications)
  • multiiple file select + upload
  • uninstaller