Astromempires battle calculator

"Astro Empires is a space strategy browser game. The game runs on a persistent universe in real time." - the game itself.

AE battle calculator is basically just a modified original battle calculator acquired from :

All functions needed to perform the operations, basic skin, were borrowed and custom functions in jQuery + php were added. It enabled me, or any other player I wanted for that matter :

  1. adding game tech values, which are saved into the database for any later use. (simple jquery+php)
  2. copy + paste game pre battle report, which saves lots and lots of time. (php parsing based on browser spacing)
  3. custom functions with "wave attacking"

There's no complexity in itself, the script shows some basic data manipulation in java/PHP.

Fully working version can be seen here :

  • dynamically user adding
  • original formula fixes
  • multibrowser support (mozilla, chrome supported)